Blazin' Blades Scrollers of Western Pennsylvania

Our Club History

It all began with two friends - Ernie Lang, pictured here, and Dick DeFelice. Ernie had been scrolling for some years and was in close contact with many of the well-known names in the scrollsaw world as well as local scrollsaw enthusiasts.

Dick and his wife Jackie began accompanying Ernie to a few shows held by scrollsaw clubs in Eastern PA. Shortly thereafter, Dick approached Ernie about starting their own club here in Western PA.

In the latter part of 2004, nine guys met at the Starr Grill in Cabot.  In January 2005, they decided to align themselves with SAW-Scrollsaw Association of the World - and apply for a SAW charter. A club name was suggested by Jackie DeFelice, accepted, and Blazin’ Blades Scrollers of Western Pennsylvania was born.

Since its inception, the club has grown from those nine charter members to nearly forty, with woodworking artists coming from all corners of Western Pennsylvania. 

We currently meet  the first Saturday of every month at Zion United Methodist Church in Sarver, PA.

Club Officers

Bob Wilson - President

Bob Ruk - Vice President

Jackie DeFelice - Treasurer/Secretary